Composer and electronic musician with more than 40 years of professional experience.

Master’s degree in Music from the Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela.

Major in Electronic Music, Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Computer Sound Synthesis program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Cambridge.

Original compositions for dance, theater, film, television, and multimedia installations involving high technology.

Original works premiered and partaking in international festivals.

Large format productions:

“Possible Horizons “ Venezuela pavilion  at the XLI Venice Biennale (1990)

“Sailing Future” Venezuela Pavilion at “World Expo Lisboa 1998”.

“Netloops” electronic work for the internet with Paul Godwin. One of the first real-time gigs to remotely connect musicians at two sites. Caracas and San Francisco, “La Otra Música Festival” (1996).


Gran Sabana
Esferas Vivientes
Ballrooms on the moon


Biophony / Life Voices

Infinite Halls

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